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Math is also the language we would most rely on to communicate with extraterrestrial beings. The reason is because we assume math is the same everywhere. Therefore; math may be considered the meaning of life.



Sometimes I wonder if people say controversial things on tumblr so others will jump down their throats with well researched and cited sources that the OP then uses to write a paper they didn’t feel like researching themselves. 


It’s perfect! Why didn’t I think of it before? oh right, this is still too much work to bother with. back to bullshit then

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"CN human sorcerer: “Why do you use elves to make toys, wouldn’t gnomes make more sense?”
Santa: “I tried to switch to gnomes a while ago but they weren’t as good at gift wrapping, elves have proficiency with bows you see”
LG Kender ranger: “I love you pun-santa”"

Dead Dave Dean Pileup


The number of places in our solar system that could have ever supported life now stands at 2!

The first, of course, is Earth, because … well, us. According to an awesomely exciting announcement today by NASA and JPL, we can add Gale Crater to that list! 

What they found: Curiosity’s rock drill recently uncovered clay-like minerals below Gale Crater’s rusty red surface. These muddy minerals, pictured above, hint at a “Gray Mars” era, when Gale Crater and the ancient stream bed it holds could have been home to intermittent lakes. When the onboard instruments scanned the chemical makeup of the clay, it found carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorous and sulfur compounds, a group of elements known as “CHONPS” that have to exist in order to create life as we know it. Most importantly, the minerals were pretty neutral in pH and were found in forms that point to a possible chemical energy system (another key ingredient for life).

What remains unknown: This does NOT mean that anything ever actually lived there. But it is the first time that the ingredients for the evolution of microbial life, and the correct conditions to support it, have been found beyond Earth. Mars still has water frozen at its poles, and once had quite a bit of water above and below the surface. The rover will poke around this site, called Yellowknife Bay, for a while longer before heading toward the mountainous center of Gale Crater. There, it will study the multiple layers of rock present on the hillside in order to piece together an even clearer picture of Gale Crater’s muddy, moist, maybe microbial Martian past.

MaybeJust want to emphasize that part.


Micro 3-D Printer Creates Tiny Structures in Seconds

Faster printing could see the technology move from research labs to industry
Full Story: MIT

Magician by ~theSIGNer
  • Communist Russia: Russia launches stuff into space
  • Capitalist Russia: Space launches stuff into Russia

they got prettier. 
The Rules of Immersion:
Action: As soon as you declare an action, your character is already trying to get it done. No going back. 
Speech: Your character says anything you say unrelated to your character’s actions (apart from clarifying questions). If it comes out of your mouth, be prepared for the consequences. The dark wizard you’re facing may not be as amused by being compared to a Batman villain as you are. 
Omniscience: No Metagaming. If you can’t discuss it in character, it isn’t the time. 
Hesitation: When your turn begins you have 90 seconds to declare your actions and roll. Your turn is not strategy time. It is time to get shit done. You have a full round to plan your next move. Think ahead. Exceptions may be made for skill checks or in-character dialogue. 
Attention: Stay Engaged. At any given point, what is happening effects everybody. If you feel yourself drifting, ask yourself how the circumstances effect you, and how your character might react. 
Consistency: Your character is a person, with a history and a mind and a heart. Remember what they have seen, and what they have done. Remember who you are and what you stand for. 

Or a hammer………..i prefer the hammer =)


This past Saturday @BooksofWonder hosted @NeilHimself & @MrAdamRex as well as hundreds of fans to celebrate Chu’s Day. It was a little cold and rainy out but that did not deter everyone from having an amazing time and getting a chance to meet Neil and Adam. We want to thank everyone that came out and made Saturday an amazing day and an event to remember!

Signed copies of Chu’s Day are now available online or in the store ! Get yours before they  ah ahhh ahhhh Chu away!

Chu's Day


catacombs of the star spawn



The Tomorrow Girl: Dresden Codak Volume 1 is the long-awaited print collection of the first five years of Dresden Codak and includes brand-new art and content. Please support this Kickstarter if you’d finally like your own copy of my work!

It’s already made about double its goal in about, oh, three hours, but you should still go pledge. Because he’s awesome.

So I went to bed and woke up and now it’s almost $100,000! This was my most generous prediction for the whole project, I didn’t expect it to happen in a few hours!  You guys are incredible!
If you haven’t funded the project or have and are looking for what’s next, stay tuned! I’ll be adding some stretch goals today that will make the books nicer and also add new rewards to everyone’s orders!