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Sometimes you need a drink. Or ten.

transistor concept art (by jen zee, obviously)
concept image of red and transistor

Just finished Transistor :’) I loved it <3 I find myself just holding L1 to listen to Red humming for the most part. Beauty


Hand-Tech, Concept for a new kind of device

A technological device wearable like a glove, that uses gestures as interface.
The fabric is woven with special sensors and mini projectors that read the hand’s movements and translate them into practical functions.
Using a sequence of gestures it is possible to take pictures, make videos and display information.
The glove can also translate the sign language used by deaf people (manual communication) into sound pattern (spoken language).
Hand-tech expands the communicative power of the sign language converting an iconic gesture into a concrete action.

Francesca Barchiesi

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For years I’ve imagined how convenient it would be simply to take a high-resolution photograph with your eyes. Now, we have Google Glasses, telescopic contact lenses, and with more concepts like the above on the way, imagination is indeed becoming applicable in reality day by day. Way to go, science.








This tree makes の sense.

*spits coffee*

Are you fucking kidding me.

#For the people who don’t know:#The character ‘の’ is pronounced as ‘no’#Also the tree is shaped like の#’This tree makes no sense.’#You’re welcome.


Actually that’s the language side—Japanese language, to be exact. We’re still waiting to hear from the science side of Tumblr as to how and why a tree would grow in this manner.


i-i dont know im sorry

i just

thought these dorks could be good friends ////;


that is some good advice

While the rest of mankind dwell in the light, we must stand in the darkness to combat it, contain it, and shield it from the eyes of the public, so that others may live in a sane, normal world.

We secure. We contain. We protect.


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I did the maths, thats an average of just under 4 hours per day that Skyrim has been out. Skyrim genuinely did ruin this person’s life, and that is why its my favourite post ever.

suck it up you fraggin’ technoweenie


Gail Simone’s short story for the Time Warp #1 anthology. I’m not a huge fan of Simone’s ongoing work but I have to say, her short stories are wonderful. Thank you for this one. 

Art by Gael Bertrand, published by Vertigo.

Negation: When No Means Yes in Night Vale


I’m excited to announce that one of my posts, Welcome to Night Vale: where even “not” isn’t what it seems, has just appeared on the podcast Grammar Girl. 

We also got permission to use actual audio clips from Welcome to Night Vale for the excerpts that I’m discussing, so you can go hear Cecil’s soothing tones interspersed with some linguistics (of course, you can also just read it yourself either here or there).

And yes, this does mean that someone involved in the creation of Welcome to Night Vale is aware that there has been linguistics analysis done of their work. Which is pretty darn cool. 

I’ve got a few more articles in planning stages for Grammar Girl in the upcoming months, which I will link to when they’re up. In the meantime, you can read more of my longish original posts at #long reads or check out this list of linguistics-related podcasts (amusingly, it was this list of podcasts that lead Grammar Girl to my blog in the first place). 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I seem to have misplaced my ability to even.